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Fiction in a Flash

WELCOME my website dedicated to Short Stories and Flash Fiction.

Here you will find a range of collections from the quirky, light-hearted tales in

Light Bites Confessions and Wingin' It...

          to the dark, psychological subject matter of 

Peace and Disquiet , Minor Discord and

The Darkening

Wind Blown is my very latest collection of microfiction.


If you only have time for a quick visit, you might like to sample some flash...

                                                                                   Just click on the tabs above...

There is also a small selection of published poetry

under a tab here.

I also have websites for

Tiny Tales, Children's Fiction and (more)Poetry.

'the work of an accomplished writer, one with true knowledge of the craft' 

'an outstanding collection of short stories'

'I was left open mouthed at the sinister realism and very brave and powerful writing'

'two of the very best stories of this kind I have ever read'

'I almost felt as if the words themselves were drawing me in and binding me to each and every syllable'

'Helen Laycock writes with a deep understanding of her characters'

'intriguing and is crafted with figurative, poetic language which flows beautifully'

'each one is a masterpiece that could only have been created by the master story teller that she undoubtedly is'

'Great short stories that send you through a host of emotions'

'Each story is unique and well crafted'

'a great collection of short stories that are well written and enjoyable'

'The author has a wonderful clear-as-a-bell, way of writing with good finality to each story.'

'Well worth the price'

'I found it very difficult to choose a favourite story amongst this collection.'

'I was held captive until the end'

'...stick in my mind long after reading them'

'she can certainly send shivers up the spine!'

'this author writes in such a way that you can't help but turn the page'

Please wander around...

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