A short story is perfect for the odd ten minutes of relaxation, whether in bed first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, between train stations, at the airport, on a sun lounger or in an armchair. 

Here you will find humour, or darkness... with nothing between.

Light Bites Helen Laycock
Light Bites




Take a pinch of humour, a touch of light-heartedness and a drop of whimsy and you have the perfect recipe to be savoured any time, anywhere.


Light Bites - a collection of satisfying and uplifting tales.

Peace and Disquiet Helen Laycock
Peace and Disquiet




A collection of twelve slightly disturbing tales which encompass mortality, mentality, brutality - and reality.


Sleep tight...

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Minor Discord




Dare to visit the dark places at the edges of the map, places where you will feel unsettled and from where characters will follow you, whether you want them to, or not.


This collection of stories and flash fiction will take you into the shadows.


Don’t get left behind...

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​Let’s face it. Things go wrong. And we’re not always proud of what we do.


Between these covers is a veritable confession box of revelations.

Some might well be fictional. Others possibly... maybe... probably have a nugget of truth in them.


But for legal reasons, let’s just call them 'stories', shall we?


Wink, wink.



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Wingin' It...



So you thought fairies were special?
Lived wholesome lives collecting pearly teeth and leaving a sprinkle of stardust in their wake?
Think again, people.
In Fairyland, they have exactly the same pressures as us: cosmetic surgery, online dating and even their own Bake Off.
There are lotharios, chavs, drunks and, of course, those that are bent on getting their wicked ways…
These are neither the fairy tales, nor the characters, of your innocent childhood.
These fairies have issues that only grown-ups will understand.



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The Darkening

ISBN-13: 979-8663365321


There is light. There is darkness.
And in the shade are the characters who roam these pages.
As their stories spill out, prepare to be pulled in.


Wind Blown

ISBN-13: 979-8565832143


A scattering of story seeds has been strewn. Watch them grow into something serene, spiritual, mystical, magical, philosophical, psychological... Warning: insidious fronds twist among them. Memorable, often inescapable, microfiction ‘with impact’.